The Scholarship Fund for Dutch immigrants and their offspring is an independent and non-profit fund, that operates in close cooperation with the Irgun Olei Holland, (The organization for immigrants from the Netherlands in Israel), see the IOH website at .

The sources of the funds are from legacies, contributions and donations from varied institutions in The Netherlands, and also from private people and in recent years mainly from the collective "MAROR" funds.

All funds received throughout a given year are distributed every year as study scholarships.


הפניה לאורך כל מסמך זה היא בלשון זכר מטעמי נוחות בלבד ונשים הרוצות להגיש בקשה למלגה מתבקשות לקרוא את הכתוב כאילו נכתבו גם בלשון נקבה,ואתכן הסליחה.