(Please read the word He as He/She where applicable).

A student is entitled to submit an application for a scholarship provided he meets the following conditions:

1. He is Dutch born or has a Dutch connection, as defined in paragraph Dutch Immigrant in chapter Definitions.

2. He is studying for a first or second academic degree or vocational studies, as defined in paragraph "STUDIES" in chapter Definitions.

3. He is a second year student after having successfully completed the first academic year.

4. So far he has not received three scholarships from this fund.

5. The monthly income per capita in his household is less then NIS 7000.

6. If the monthly income per capita in his household exceeds NIS 5000 but is lower than NIS 7000 he is entitled to submit an application but a scholarship award in such instance is not guaranteed.

7. He is less than 40 years of age.

8. He has official documents that authenticate the above.

NOTE: Lack of documentation will disqualify the application forthwith.


הפניה לאורך כל מסמך זה היא בלשון זכר מטעמי נוחות בלבד ונשים הרוצות להגיש בקשה למלגה מתבקשות לקרוא את הכתוב כאילו נכתבו גם בלשון נקבה,ואתכן הסליחה.