The management of the Scholarship Fund comprises a minimum of seven people, one of which represents the organization for Immigrants from the Netherlands in Israel (IOH).

All board members are immigrants from The Netherlands and perform their tasks on a completely voluntary basis, without any form of remuneration and refund of expenses, exclusive of office and post office costs.

The management elects, from its midst, the chairman, deputy chairman, treasurer and secretary.

During the annual general assembly the management determines the regulations and working procedures, reviews the report submitted by the internal-control subcommittee of the Scholarship and reports to the registrar of non-profit associations, (Amutot) in accordance with the law, on any changes in the regulations authorized signatures, and the financial reports controlled by a CPA, for the current year.

Management convenes during the months January – March to examine the requests for scholarships. Every request is valued by a state of the art software program and is automatically assigned system points according to the details of the applicant. Management is authorized to add or subtract system points to a request according to special conditions of the applicant. After all requests that were received have been duly scrutinized and awarded system points have been accumulated, the point value in Shekels is evaluated. The product of the point value by the number of points that each applicant received determines the height of the scholarship.


הפניה לאורך כל מסמך זה היא בלשון זכר מטעמי נוחות בלבד ונשים הרוצות להגיש בקשה למלגה מתבקשות לקרוא את הכתוב כאילו נכתבו גם בלשון נקבה,ואתכן הסליחה.