a) The Scholarship Fund does not have a fixed fund from which scholarships are allocated. Every year grants are received by the Fund from various parties and every year all the funds that were received are divided. Accordingly, in any particular year the Fund could grant more generous scholarships than in other years.

b) Management introduced a points method in order to evaluate the requests for scholarships.

c) Management convenes weekly and examines the requests for scholarships.

d) Following the review of the scholarship requests and submitted forms and the accumulation of all points that were assigned to all the requests the point value in Shekels is evaluated. Thus, it is not known in advance what the extent of the scholarship is for any particular student until all requests have been examined and the point value has been established.

e) The point value is determined by means of the following simple formula: the sum total of the Fund's income divided by the total of all points granted to all applications = point value.


הפניה לאורך כל מסמך זה היא בלשון זכר מטעמי נוחות בלבד ונשים הרוצות להגיש בקשה למלגה מתבקשות לקרוא את הכתוב כאילו נכתבו גם בלשון נקבה,ואתכן הסליחה.