The Scholarship Fund for Dutch immigrants and their offspring was founded in 1959, resulting from an idea by Eli Dasberg who was a member in the Loans Fund of the Irgun Olei Holland, (Organization of Dutch Immigrants – ODI). The Loans Fund provided sums of money as repayable loans. Eli Dasberg, who was also a management member in the Federation of Orphanages in Holland after the Second World War, suggested to the Federation to establish a scholarship fund that would grant modest non-repayable scholarships, (not repayable loans) to needy students from Dutch descent. The idea was adopted and thus three scholarships were granted in 1959, totaling 850 Israeli Liras.

Another person who contributed highly to the furtherance of the Scholarship Fund is Leo Cohen who, together with his wife Riek, managed over many years to transfer financial contributions from different people in favor of the Fund.

Leo Cohen, who managed the united organizations for protection of children in Amsterdam, retired in 1978. Leo requested that no farewell gifts be sent to him, on the occasion of his retirement, but that a contribution be made to the Scholarship Fund instead. In that year Leo transferred an amount of 56.000 Dutch Gulden to the Scholarship Fund and consequently it was decided to add his name and that of his wife to the official name of the Fund which since reads: "The Scholarship Fund for Dutch immigrants and their offspring in the names of Leo and Riek Cohen". In 1978 twenty-four scholarships were awarded totaling 76.500 Israeli Liras. As time passed the requests for scholarships increased which caused us to have to limit the eligibility for scholarships to academic studies, non academic vocational studies and scientific work related to Dutch Jewry.


הפניה לאורך כל מסמך זה היא בלשון זכר מטעמי נוחות בלבד ונשים הרוצות להגיש בקשה למלגה מתבקשות לקרוא את הכתוב כאילו נכתבו גם בלשון נקבה,ואתכן הסליחה.